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Life Sciences Industry

Today’s healthcare environment has never been so turbulent, with industry consolidation, healthcare policy changes, cost pressures, regulatory and compliance requirements, cybersecurity demands and economic uncertainty. This everchanging marketplace necessitates that your leaders be strategic, learning agile, and capable of managing increasing complexity. No matter where your organization is in its growth cycle, your ability to identify and equip leaders who can drive results today, and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow is critical.

At Affinity, we have over 10 years of experience within the life science industry sector, and we are here to meet this challenge. We focus on the following areas:


In our Executive Search team, we understand the importance of having the talent strategy well-aligned with your business strategy, so that you’ve got the right people in the right places doing the right things at the right cost. Focusing on the senior level positions and executive level candidates, we recognize the need to attract entrepreneurial and passionate professionals who can contribute to the business more broadly than their functional expertise.

Therefore, also our primary mission is to connect those professionals with the right companies and the right job so they can do what they do best: apply their passion and expertise to meeting the organizational goals.

Interior Design and Architecture

Our Design and Architecture team focused on recruiting exceptional talents in the built environment sector
across Asia Pacific region. We have several years of experience recruiting in the following sectors:

  • Interior Design – Design and Build/Consultancy
  • Architecture and Design Practice
  • Project and Cost Management
  • Sales/Business Development & Marketing
  • Operations and Business Support

We take time to listen to our client’s needs, understand their culture and help them to find exceptional talents that match the dynamic of the team. We are also passionate to help talents to discover their potentials and guide them on their career directions.

Affinity Human Venture is an organization with unique values

Striving for excellence.

Mediocrity is not our style. With nearly 10 years’ experience we have an in-depth knowledge in the areas of talent acquisition, talent management and career orientation.

At Affinity, we have the desire for excellence right at the core.


One step ahead.

We are highly proactive and take every opportunity to expand our knowledge to ensure we fully understand the dynamics of the current markets and trends.

We are a forward-thinking organization with the sole aim to be one step ahead and to explore new creative approaches and innovative solutions.


Long lasting partnerships.

At Affinity, we are aiming to build long term partnerships based on trust and integrity. Whether you are a hiring company or an individuum looking for a career change, we understand the complexity of the process and the importance of making the right decisions at the right time. We do not believe in short cuts or short term wins. We believe in doing things the right way no matter how much it takes. We will undergo the journey with you for as long as necessary to achieve the ultimate goal.

Leadership and Talent

Leadership and Talent.

No organization ascends to the top – and remains there – without great leadership.

Having in mind the importance of the leadership skills, we use our years of expertise and our business knowledge to assess and to leverage those skills in each of our candidates.