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From vision to decision Pharma 2020

Major scientific and technological advances, coupled with sociodemographic changes, increasing demand for medicines and trade liberalisation, will revive pharma’s fortunes in another 10 years and deliver dramatic improvements in patient care. But if the industry is to prosper in the future, it must first make sure it has a future.


Tackling the new global talent realities

Through this talent forward thought series, we at the CIPD, in collaboration with a range of experts and thought leaders in the field, want to start the debate about future talent strategies and identify some of the macro and micro challenges that are likely to determine our approaches. That is not to say that we will all need to respond to these issues in the same way, rather the themes discussed here should inform the way we develop our unique talent strategies linked to our specific business challenges. And your views as HR and talent practitioners are key to this debate, so we will be seeking out a range of ways to capture your thoughts and engage you in the discussion.


19 Simple Daily Habits These Executives Swear By for Their Success

Ever wonder what sets highly successful people apart? I’ve polled countless executives about the things they do every day that give them an edge, and there’s no doubt high achievers share some common characteristics. Check out these tips from 19 executives on daily habits that help them get ahead in business and life.


Salary-Negotiating Secrets Every Woman Needs to Know

So, you nailed the interview and got the job offer—but it’s not anywhere near the salary range you expected. Or you’re job hunting and you stumble on when asked those awkward ‘what are you making now?’ questions. You’re definitely not alone—it’s a universal truth that talking money can be hugely uncomfortable.


10 Things Never, Ever to Do in a Job Interview

You’ve heard the standard job interview tips: Give a firm handshake, make eye contact, have questions prepared, say and follow up later with a heartfelt thank-you. Hopefully you’ve got that stuff down by now.
But even the most seasoned professional can use a brush-up on modern interview etiquette before heading in to discuss an opportunity you’re really excited about. In fact, the longer you’ve been working, the more laissez-faire you might feel about your interview skills, especially if you’ve had a few great jobs and feel like they’ve prepared you to talk to anyone.